"Am I Crazy or Is He a Jerk" Relationship Assessment

I am so glad you are here, wanting to get some answers about your relationship. 

INSTRUCTIONS: The following questions will help you determine “Am I Crazy or Is He a Jerk” in your current or past relationship.

When considering these questions, answer based on what things are like most of the time. 

Answer these questions honestly, without worrying if it is the “right” answer.  This assessment is to help you determine if you are crazy or if he is a jerk in your current or past relationship.

At the end of the assessment, you will add up your yes and no answers, then go to the assessment results to discover what is going on and what to do next if he is a jerk.

Partner = spouse, significant other, partner, boyfriend, person living with, anyone you are in an intimate/committed relationship with.

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