What women just like you are saying about coaching with Tracy!

"What I truly and deeply value about Tracy is her wisdom, intuition, and her precision in thinking; she understood my problems when my words failed to explain them. I built up confidence in areas that I was afraid of sharing earlier and by helping me develop great awareness, I was automatically able to dismantle false beliefs that were running my life. I loved working with Tracy and I highly recommend her; she is compassionate and kind and made my journey transformational."

Shaily Paripar

“I felt broken from my highly toxic relationship, betrayed at the deepest level and my life was in chaos. With Tracy’s support I had a huge shift and am now able to love, trust and prioritize myself and my feelings. I know my worth and now focus on meeting my needs in all the ways I didn’t before. The biggest impact of coaching with Tracy is I am free of toxic relationships and I am loving life! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Tracy and can now pass on to my daughters all that she has taught me, making her strategies timeless and endless”

Nora alyahye

"I could tell from the first time talking with Tracy that I would feel comfortable working with her. She had an organized way of setting goals with me, and I always come away from a session feeling like I have something to work on. Tracy is easy to talk to, and I like when she shares some of her own personal journey, helps me feel less alone in my struggles. I highly recommend Tracy as a coach!"

Shannon Garrison, COTA/L

"So, so grateful to have you in my life, I am so blessed honestly, I can’t tell you enough. I want a lifetime membership with you”

sArah Hamed

“I was very distressed and not in control of my emotions. I was completely overwhelmed with trying to keep my partner from being angry. I felt helpless, often terrified, anxious and powerless. I didn't want to leave my partner even though I knew he was abusive because he always did things that made me want to stay. Self doubt was my companion. Tracy has helped me realize I am not crazy, or weak or oversensitive. She really understands building your power and strength. Tracy helped me understand myself and rebuild self-confidence in myself again. If you are in a relationship with someone who is hurting you, stop wishing and reach out to Tracy for help. It will be the best decision you ever made."

Lora gibbs

"I had a session with Tracy this afternoon that was magical!  Tracy was very attuned to me, noticing when I was in my heart and body and when I shifted and went into my head. She was very skillful in guiding me back into my body and feelings. She was also brilliant in noticing subtle shifts in my feelings / expression / body language that were indicators of something significant to explore further. Tracy expertly helped me to stay with the feelings without my being overwhelmed by them. Thank you Tracy!"

mIKE phillips

“Tracy is a powerhouse! She is indeed Fiercely Empowered and she moves the inner mountains of her clients to help them break free from their own limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. Tracy has a keen sense of empathy and compassion, having prevailed over abuse herself and is worth learning from every step of the way. If you are doubting yourself, wondering if you will ever have a great relationship again (or for the first time in your life), reach out to Tracy, as she will support you and empower you with all her heart, and presence, through her programs. I highly recommend her”

Gemma serenity gorokhoff - real talk real women podcast
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