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4 Fundamental Qualities To Survive Through Toxic Love!

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship and can’t leave right now or still trying to recover after leaving?

Discover the 4 Fundamental Qualities you need to survive through toxic love and start thriving whether you are still in the relationship or have left but haven’t broken free of the grip of toxic love!

These 4 qualities are surprising and sound easy to do but feel terrifying to try.  Check out the steps to start implementing these 4 fundamental qualities today!

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way My Life!

Don’t miss this in depth discussion about toxic, abusive, narcissistic relationships and how we get stuck in them, the patterns we develop that follow us into adulthood and why we stay along with what gets us to leave.

And what to do to help a family member or friend stuck in one of these relationships.

Great Insights into the cycle of toxic relationship and our mindset while in them

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Toxic Love Podcast

This podcast is all about toxic, abusive, narcissistic relationships and bringing awareness to the silent fight many woman go through in their relationship. 

The struggle to make sense of what’s going on and how to break the cycle,  Don’t miss this Episode!

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Breadcrumbs Of Love

What happens when your relationship isn’t remotely what you expected it to be as a Christian woman? Where all you get is a relationship where the effort is below the barest minimum and they are little and far between? Have you heard of the word breadcrumbs? I don’t mean the one we use in cooking, obviously :). The one where you feel so starved in your relationship, but here and there, you get a glimpse of the person you fell in love with… that one!

Join me and Tracy today as we speak on this subject.

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Survival from Toxic Love

Join us as we go deep into Tracy’s story of surviving 3 abusive relationships with Narcissists.

So many golden nuggets that will resonate with you!

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Boundaries Are An Act Of Love!

In today’s episode I have the honor of bringing in Tracy again as we had so much fun with Breadcrumbs of love 🙂

Are you a people pleaser, maybe with a little co-dependence? There’s no shame in it. Everyone who went through abuse, tolerated it and had to escape for their lives/end up being discarded was one of these.

What are boundaries? Why are we afraid to set them? How do we set them?  Why are boundaries an act of love? Find out more in today’s episode!

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Breaking The Cycle of Abuse Hiding In Plain Sight!

Have you ever felt like you are not treated the way you want and deserve by your intimate partner? Maybe because there hasn’t been any physical abuse, you have asked yourself “is this really destructive?” The answer is yes. Not all abuse leaves marks you can see. Toxic love not only affects you as a woman, but it translates into your every day life and ultimately impacts your business too.

  • Identify toxic love patterns in your relationship & create red-hot boundaries to break the toxic love patterns undermining your relationship and business.
  • Reclaim your power and rebuild your courage to make powerful decisions.
  • Nurture yourself from the inside out to show up confidently and boldly in your business.
Still coming!

Tag Talk Summit

Still looking for the video of My first time speaking in public about my life experiences of childhood abuse and 3 narcissistic relationships.  It’s a little rough but proud of myself for sticking with it.

A few golden nuggets included in this short talk that will support you to discern if you’re in a toxic relationship.