Rise and Thrive!

Reclaim Your Sanity & Break Free From Narcissistic Abuse!

Discover How to Live & Love Freely While in or after a Toxic Relationship
and Stop Feeling Broken, Helpless and Alone...

→  You’ve lost all sense of yourself and your self-confidence because you are in a sea of crazy making and gaslighting.

→  You’re beat down from dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & never knowing which one will show up.

→  And even though you’d love to be done with it all, you’re not really sure how to step out of the cycle. 

Or maybe you’ve broken up months or years ago but you’re still suffering from having been in that relationship and don’t know how to move on and get your life back.

You are in the right place…

To heal from a Toxic / Abusive / Narcissistic  Relationship 

that has you hurting, confused and isolated…

And Finally Get the Love You Deserve…

Hey, I get it, I’ve been there myself. 

I remember the chaos and confusion during my 20+ year marriage to my narcissistic ex-husband. 

We started out with a beautiful love.  I thought for sure I had found my soulmate. 

It wasn’t long before I was walking on eggshells every day, holding my breath, afraid that any moment, I would do or say something that would cause my husband to explode into a rage.

I literally felt like I was going crazy… loving him one moment and hating him the next depending on who showed up… Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde... he would change in a split second without warning.

I would lie awake at night desperate to figure out if I should stay or go… scared I would make the wrong decision if I choose to leave because we had great times too!

And I’d wake up depressed, struggling to get out of bed, scared the new day would bring more abuse if I didn’t do or say the “right thing”.

I lost myself in the back and forth of the love bombing, gaslighting, crazy making, hoovering, abuse and discard.

And I didn’t know how to get back to being me..

This is what I want you to know right now…

None of this is your fault.

You are enough, lovable and worthy.

You can break the trauma bond and stop repeating toxic relationships.

You can have a partner who truly cherishes and loves you.

You can have a spouse who wants to bring you peace and clarity all the time… even during arguments.

You can feel safe and confident to fully be yourself every moment of the day and… stop walking on eggshells.

You can share your needs with a partner who truly sees you, values you and validates you. 

You can set and keep boundaries that reflect your needs and desires without feeling wrong for saying “No”.

 You don’t have to put up with being abused, blamed, bullied, criticized, gaslighted, lied to, cheated on or betrayed anymore.


It is all possible with:

Rise and Thrive!

With this one of a kind group coaching program you will
stop waiting for him to change and instead rebuild your self worth,
reconnect with your sense of self, break-free from toxic love and finally get the authentic love you deserve!

Heal From Your Toxic Relationship... even if you broke up years ago.

In this 90-day group program you will develop
skills and strategies that make it easy for you to:

✓ Stop getting triggered when your spouse blows up or rages… and know how to confidently avoid fights and conflicts that used to be never ending.

Release the trauma for good… even from past relationships… and feel rejuvenated physically, mentally and emotionally.

Discover what is yours… what is his… and open yourself up to the healthy, authentic love you desire.

Confidently know your next steps… stop feeling paralyzed from doubt and second guessing your decisions… such as whether you should say or go… and know for sure what is in your highest good.

Enjoy life again… feel free to be yourself and have more connection, more fun and more intimacy.

 Uncover the power of healthy boundaries to rebuild your self-confidence and your relationship.

 Shift your focus from the fear, obligation and guilt to trust yourself and your intuition.

You now share openly and honestly with your partner during
a conflict and you're valued and taken seriously!

Here's why Rise and Thrive! is different
from other relationship recovery programs out there:

1. You’re not in this Alone!

This is NOT a do-it-yourself program.

You won’t be thrown a bunch of videos, workbooks, and PDFs and then be left to figure them out all by yourself. This is highly interactive group sessions that give you the support, encouragement, feedback, and everything you need to to become 100% confident in yourself to break-free of the toxicity in your relationship (past or present).

2. You will actually break-free of the patterns keeping you stuck.

This is NOT a sugarcoat it program so you feel good until the next episode of abuse & trauma, rinse and repeat.

Most programs and therapists don’t actually move the needle of stopping the abuse in your life because they haven’t been there and they don’t recognize your coping techniques you use to avoid dealing with the trauma.  They just teach you about abuse, use talk therapy and grey rocking which aren’t the answers to a life free of abuse.  

I will loving let you know when you are denial.  I will loving call you out when you are bullshitting yourself.  I am not here to agree with you how bad your life is so you can stay a victim and be coddled.  I am here for your growth and healing… so you can break-free from the patterns keeping you stuck.  You can rise-up and heal you heart for real this time.

3.  It’s not just a bunch of do’s and don’ts.

Most relationship programs teach you all about abuse and narcissists, how to spot one, what kind of narc they are and fancy tricks to avoid your abuser.  But they don’t show you how to actually discover the beliefs keeping you stuck experiencing abuse… and how to heal them… along with the tools to actually respond differently from an empowered place (instead of a control place), so you can really change your relationship and your life for good.

Each Session of Rise and Thrive! will give you
insights, tools and support to re-discover you.

Nuts and Bolts…

Rise and Thrive! 90-Day Program Includes:

  One 90 minute Masterclass training session on the topic of the month with Q & A.

  Two 90-minute group sessions per month of live coaching with Tracy on Zoom.

  One on One with Tracy while you are in the “Love Seat” to heal your biggest challenge.

✓  An opportunity to be in the “Love Seat” during most calls, depending on who is chosen.

  Powerful homework between sessions to continue to up level yourself.

  Connection with an intimate group of women who are going through the same journey.

✓  Private Facebook Group where Tracy answers questions & gives support in between calls.

  Deeper Healing as Tracy works with other’s with the same/similar challenge.

  Safe, supportive group to heal your deepest fears and insecurities.

  Unable to attend live?  E-mail me your question or challenge and I will answer it during the session.

  All sessions are recorded in case you miss the live session or want to listen to gain deeper insights.

  Replays are available 24-48 hours after sessions for 60 days and are only available to group members.

Join Today and

Get Your Bonus!

 One 1:1 VIP Session with Tracy


  ($500 value)

VIP Session must be used during the 3 month program.

Get the love you deserve…

Rise and Thrive Today!

You now confidently set and keep boundaries no matter how your spouse reacts!

IMAGINE one year from now...
living the life and relationship you've always dreamed of!

✓  You are no longer being abused, gaslighted or manipulated in your relationship and instead are being cherished and loved.

  You are deeply connected with your intuition… you trust yourself… and easily make decisions in your highest good.

✓  You feel free to be yourself again… you enjoy life, have more fun, more intimacy and more connection.

  You no longer walk on eggshells and confidently let others take care of their own anger and upset.

  You are connected to your truth and no longer scared of pissing anybody off when you stand for your boundaries and values.

What would it be worth to wake up thriving, excited for your day instead of just surviving through your day?


The last thing you want is to be in the exact same place, or worse, a year from now.

Take action now to heal your heart so next year at this time your life looks exactly like what you dream of!

Get the life you are dreaming for…

Rise and Thrive Today!

Rise and Thrive! is for you if:

You feel something is wrong in your relationship but you can’t put your finger on it. 

You suspect you may be in a toxic, abusive or narcissistic relationship.

You are walking on eggshells but don’t know why.

You know you should leave but you can’t seem to let go.

You are waiting for him to change and it has been years.

You feel like you’re crazy and have lost all sense of yourself.

You have decided to leave and need help with what to do next

You have tried everything to fix your relationship but nothing works.

You are separated and want to figure out if the relationship is salvageable.

You are navigating a divorce and you really want some support.

You are still hurting after ending the relationship weeks, months, years ago.

You want to avoid repeating that again and feel safe to risk being in love.

This is not for you IF: 

You have a great relationship and NEVER get triggered during a conflict…
or if you’re already able to manage your emotions, boundaries and reactions effectively…

But for the rest of us,
this is the solution I wish I had decades ago...

Feel Like Your Old Self Again!

What Women Are Saying...

“So, so grateful to have you in my life, I am so blessed honestly, I can’t tell you enough.   I want a lifetime membership with you”  -Sara H.

“I could tell from the first time talking with Tracy that I would feel comfortable working with her.  She had an organized way of setting goals with me, and I always come away from a session feeling like I have something to work on.  Tracy is easy to talk to, and I like when she shares some of her own personal journey, helps me feel less alone in my struggles.  I highly recommend Tracy as a coach!”  -Shannon G.

“What I truly and deeply value about Tracy is her wisdom, intuition, and her precision in thinking; she understood my problems when my words failed to explain them. I built up confidence in areas that I was afraid of sharing and with her help, I was able to dismantle the false beliefs that were running my life.  I loved working with Tracy and I highly recommend her; she is compassionate and kind and made my journey transformational.”  -Shaily P.

“I felt broken from my highly toxic relationship, betrayed at the deepest level and my life was in chaos.  With Tracy’s support I had a huge shift and am now able to love, trust and prioritize myself and my feelings.  I know my worth and now focus on meeting my needs in all the ways I didn’t before.  The biggest impact of coaching with Tracy is I am free of toxic relationships and I am loving life!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Tracy and can now pass on to my daughters all that she has taught me, making her strategies timeless and endless”.  Jennie A.

Get your breakthrough in Rise and Thrive today!

Embrace all you have to offer in a relationship where you are cherished...

A Bit About Me...

I know what it’s like to struggle with a relationship that is toxic, abusive and narcissistic because years ago that was me… and that struggle consumed my life for decades.

I was desperate to save my marriage and get our love back. I tried everything I could think of to figure out what was wrong with me and to get the man I fell in love with back.

I know what it is like to feel defeated before my day even begins… and to lay down at night ruminating over all the hurtful things he did and said.

I felt so broken, I was sure I was unlovable.  

I can't wait to see you in my group! Tracy May - Your Love & Relationship Coach Specializing in Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Recovery.

It got so bad that I wanted the pain and hopelessness inside of me to stop… and it was then that I contemplated suicide.

So, I do know how painful it can be.  And, I know what it is like to be on the other side of it. 

To finally feel free to be myself, to not second guess myself and to have a life where I wake up excited about my day and all the love it brings.

Now I go to bed at night thinking about how great my day was and how grateful I am to have the life I have now, full of peace and clarity… knowing I will wake up excited for my day.

The best part is I don’t feel broken anymore.  I am lovable, I am enough, and nothing is wrong with me!  And I have a loving healthy relationship that supports me where I feel safe and seen.

And I want this kind of life for you too, a life full of love!  And that is why I coach women to heal from toxic love.

My deeper truth is that I know how painful it feels to be at rock bottom and I never want to feel like that again, and I don’t want you to feel that pain anymore either.  

My passion compels me to help women get free from the abuse in their relationship and to be cherished and loved.

I have several coaching certifications, am an abuse survivor, now a thriver, an International #1 Best Selling Author in “Entangled No More” and a Success125 Nominee of the most influential coaches of 2022 and an Executive Contributor in Brainz Magazine.

Imagine being validated and seen when talking to your spouse about your needs and wants!

Frequently Asked Questions... Your Top Questions Answered!

Q: I’ve tried other programs and they haven’t helped… how do I know if this will really work for me?

A: This group program focuses on empowering you to heal what is keeping you stuck, not on fixing you.  We get to the core of your limiting beliefs, even the subconscious ones, and discover how it is serving you to hold onto your beliefs and up level the ones you are ready to let go of. This will absolutely work for you if you take the time to apply the principals you are discovering during the sessions and you practice the homework between sessions.

Q: What if my husband/partner/significant other/ boyfriend finds out I am doing this program?

A: You are taking this program to be a better wife/partner and person, who wouldn’t want you to do that?  This program is not designed to convince you to leave your marriage or relationship.  It is designed to help you discover what you want, if your current relationship meets your needs and values and your next step which may be to leave or to work on the relationship.  The important part of this program is that you take your power back to decide what is in your highest good to have the life and relationship you truly want whether that is with the person you are with or possibly in a new relationship.

Q: Do I have to leave my relationship or live separately to benefit from this program?

A: No, you do not have to leave your relationship or live separately to benefit from this program.  I stayed in my narcissistic relationship and we continued to live together while I healed, set boundaries, learned to love myself.  I am uniquely qualified to support you as you navigate the ups and downs while staying in the relationship.  Once I healed, the abuse pretty much stopped but it took longer to heal by staying because of the continued abuse so it wouldn’t be my first choice.  However, if you are being physically abused or threatened, I strongly suggest you leave first or have a plan to leave. 

Q: Will my spouse change for the better as I heal?

A: It is possible that the stronger and more confident you get the abuse may be less.  But keep in mind, a narcissist is unable to change and will continue his regular methods of control and manipulation in a more subtle or infrequent way to make you think he has changed.  How his brain and emotions work will not have changed so remember the absence of abuse does not make a relationship, only real change does. 

 Q: I’m already enrolled in another coaching program. How will this provide additional help?

A:  I believe if your other program was meeting your needs, you wouldn’t be here.  This program will compliment your other coaching so that every area of your life and relationship that isn’t getting the support you need, will get met here.

Q: What if I don’t have the time or money to enroll in your program?

A: Part of realizing and fulfilling your dream is to know how important it is to invest in yourself to get the life and relationship you desire.  I know how scary it feels to believe you don’t have the time or money to invest based on your circumstances.  I encourage you to take your first step to stand in your power and find a way to pay for and make time for this course.  You are investing in your future happiness. 

Get your breakthrough in Rise and Thrive today!