What if you can know why it feels like you're standing on shifting sand?!

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“I was able to dismantle the false beliefs that were running my life.  I loved working with Tracy and I highly recommend her; she is compassionate and kind and made my journey transformational.”  

-Shaily P

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“I always come away from a session feeling like I have something to work on.  Tracy is easy to talk to and I like when she shares some of her own personal journey.  It helps me feel less alone in my struggles.  I highly recommend Tracy as a coach!” 

-Shannon G.

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“I felt broken from my highly toxic relationship, betrayed at the deepest level and my life was in chaos.  With Tracy’s warm and loving support, I had a huge shift and am now able to love, trust and prioritize myself and my feelings.  The biggest impact of coaching with Tracy is I am free of toxic relationships and I am loving life!” –Jennie A.

Because of what I have been through, I understand your struggles on a very deep level.  I don’t want you to have to go through years of suffering, confusion, helplessness and hopelessness, struggling to figure it all out like I did and that’s why I created this quiz.  You can figure out what is going on with your relationship right now by taking the quiz.

  It is possible to go from barely surviving to thriving, even if it feels impossible right now.

I am passionate about helping you know you don’t have to keep living this way.  You deserve a life filled with love, happiness and healthy relationships and all life has to offer.  There is a better way and that is to get help now.  You are not meant to do it alone.  Coaching changed my life forever, and I know it can change yours, too.  I’d love the privilege of guiding you to the life you dream of.  

Feel free to read my Bio below which is full of great information.

Much Love,

Tracy May is a Love and Relationship Coach who specializes in Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Recovery.  A foremost expert in toxic love recovery, she overcame adversity in a childhood full of trauma and abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother and abusive, alcoholic stepfather. Not only has she been in the trenches of 3 abusive relationships as an adult, she freed herself of the limiting beliefs and programming that kept her stuck in one for over 20 years, while still in that relationship. 

In addition to Tracy’s life experiences, she uses her trainings (Inner Bonding Facilitator-In-Training, a Peace Process Coach and a Core 100 Coach) to help women all over the world finally have the relationship and life they dream of.  She is an international #1 best-selling author, a Success125 Most Impactful Leader Nominee in 2022 and is an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine.

She empowers women who feel broken, desperate and hopeless in their toxic relationship to feel lovable, inspired and confident. And to go from barely surviving to thriving to designing the life and relationship they dream of.  She inspires women to re-discover their true worth and to stop accepting breadcrumbs of love so they can feel free to be themselves and have the relationship they’ve always craved.  

She helps women rise from the ashes of toxic love every day to thrive in joyful relationships full of true love through one-on-one and group Toxic Love Recovery coaching programs. Coaching changed her life forever, and she knows it can change yours, too.

When Tracy isn’t coaching you can find her soaking up the sun at home or on a beach getaway, horseback riding, golfing and relishing time with her 2 children, 5 grandkids and great granddaughter.

Tracy fiercely believes in you and her loving, warm, and compassionate nature shines through while she supports you in conquering the entanglement of abuse.

Be sure to check out her website, join her Facebook Group and sign up for your complimentary “Step Into Sanity Breakthrough Session” so you can uncover your next steps to come out of the fog of chaos and confusion and stop dancing with dysfunction.

Tracy May - Your Love & Relationship Coach Specializing in Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Recovery - an International #1 Best Selling Author.